Irish Oakman families have been living in Canada from the 1840s – possibly earlier. Like me, descendants of these families are still working on finding a connection back to Northern Ireland for their Oakman ancestors. Shipping records to Canada weren’t formally archived before 1865 and it seems few records have survived from before this time, making the challenge of finding exact arrival dates quite difficult!

George Oakman - arrived abt 1844

George Oakman married Dorothy Ann Falloon on 29 September 1841 at Aghalee Church of Ireland in County Antrim. George, along with his wife Dorothy Ann and infant daughter, Priscilla Isabell Oakman, departed Ireland for Canada – arriving in New York on the Tarolinta on 5 September 1844. Shipping records lists…

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Edward Oakman - arrived abt 1844

Edward Oakman was travelling with George and Dorothy Ann Oakman and his family on the Tarolinta. Where did he go? Did he follow them to Canada or remain in New York? Perhaps he returned to Ireland? If you know the answer I’d be grateful to hear form you!

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William Oakman - arrived abt 1845

William Oakman and his wife Jane (nee McWilliams) married in Ireland and emigrated to Canada sometime before August 1848 – Jane gives the year 1844 in the 1901 Census of Canada. The same census states their daughter, Margaret, was born in Ireland on 21 June 1844 so presumably they arrived…

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Jane English (nee Oakman) arrived before 1851

Jane was born about 1797 in Ireland and married William English. William and Jane had a son, George who was born in the late 1830s (1901 Canadian Census states September 1839) in Ireland. The family were living and farming in Asphodel Township, Peterborough, Ontario at the time of the 1851…

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