Oakman Hill

Oakman Hill is located just a mile or so from the village of Glenavy and not far from Darraghmore. According to the Northern Ireland Sites and Monuments Record (UK Environment & Heritage Service), a circular cropmark on the summit of Oakman Hill is believed to have once been a Barrow — a Bronze Age burial ground. These were small, circular earthern or stone mounds used for burials 2000-500 BC. The cropmark on Oakman Hill is about 25 metres in diameter and has only been identified via aerial photography. There are no visible remains on the ground and these days the summit is covered with a thicket (dense shrubbery).

Shown as Oakman Hill on an 1830 Ordnance Survey Map for the area, it is described in the Townland Valuation Records of 1828-1840 for Ballyminymore (PRONI VAL/1B/171) as “arable, pretty … good soil of a medium depth, part a little steep”.  These Valuation Records show Darraghmore, the home of Walter Oakman, as neighbouring on to Oakman Hill.

A visit and walk on Oakman’s Hill confirms a very pretty hill indeed.


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