Place Names

There are a number of places, streets, roads, etc named after some of our Oakman ancestors. Their contributions, large and small, have been commemorated so their legacy lives on to remind us of them.

If you know of any other places named after an Oakman of Ireland, please contact me and I will include the details here.

Oakman Lane, Canberra, Australia

Kenneth Ambrose Oakman (1937-2010), a descendant of the Glenavy Oakmans, has a street named in his honour in Australia’s capital city of Canberra. Ken was an Australian Diplomat who worked for the Department of Foreign Affairs for much of his career.

Ken retired in 1998 after 14 years as Director, Diplomatic Security. His Diplomatic postings over the next eleven years included:

– Attache Consular / Admin in Wellington, New Zealand, 1964-66;
– Second Secretary, Consular/Admin in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1966-69; and
– First Secretary, Consular/Admin in Jakarta, Indonesia, 1972-74.

As Director of Diplomatic Security, Ken initiated and implemented significant security features which enhanced security of both DFAT and the Commonwealth of Australia. Ken was also responsible for ensuring the security and safety of DFAT assets and personnel both in Australia and overseas.

Oakman, Walker County, Alabama

Originally named Day’s Gap but later re-named to Oakman after Walter George Oakman, a mechanical engineer and financier, as well as director and manager of many companies over his lifetime.

Oakman Street, Belfast

As yet we do not know exactly which Oakman this street was named after.

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