County Armagh

Oakmans have been living in County Armagh from at least the early 1700s. With Armagh and Antrim being such close neighbours it would not be surprising to learn that the Oakman families in each of these counties were related in some way. Proving this may never be possible, but certainly worth attempting!

Take a look at a map of Northern Ireland and you will see just how close all the Oakman families lived to one another.

Oakmans in Armagh County in the 1700s


  • Robert and Thomas Oakman are listed as Presbyterian sub-tenants of Armagh Archdiocese, County Armagh.
  • Thomas Oakman is listed on the 1714 Armagh Rent Rolls (T729(3) page 124, Knockineaglr(?), County Armagh
    (source: PRONI Person Index).


  • William Oakman was a Freeholder with land in Drumcocks, Co Armagh
    (source: PRONI Freeholder Records)


  • Walter Oakman, late of Killymuddy, died about 1758
    (source: Pre 1858 Wills and Admons, Armagh Diocesan Administration Books)


  • In 1770, John Oakman and George Oakman, Presbyterian, Armagh City
    (source: Armagh City List of Inhabitants 1770 – PRONI T1228/1).
  • William Oakman and Isaac Oakman of County Armagh, emigrated to America in the 1770s.


  • John Oakman, Merchant of New York – indenture regarding some land in Co Armagh


  • John (Jack) Oakman writes a letter from Liverpool to his uncle in Ireland (source: PRONI D874/9):

Liverpool 31st March 1781

Dear Uncle,

Since my Last I have recd. your very obldg favr. Incloseing one from Harry and I expect before you Receive this you will have forwarded Another from him to me As there is a Ship arrived Lately with Dispatches from N:Y:

Peter Shusy is very well & Doing very well I recd. a Letter Billy on my arrival here Davd. [dated?] Cove of Cork the 2d Feby. He had only been ten Days there at that time & He Informs me his Close [clothes?] is all [Pledged?] In Cork & requests I will send him Money to Release them which I shant Do. He is the old Lad Still.  I stay here to the Fall and then will have a ship of my own to go out in, there is a vessel to be sold here next month which I intend to Purchase 1/2 of & send her out.  I leave this town for Staffordshire in a few Days to Purchase Ware Please to let my Aunt know I will Purchase Hers there & Perhaps in the Course of this Summer I will have it in my Power to Help you mutch in that Branch if you think it will answer/ this town at this time is very Dull of buisness [business?] as there is little or know [no?] Shipping here  I beg you will write me often & alwais [always?] forward any letters may come for me the same Day the [they?] Arrive Get Lalors Bill from Mr. Megough & Inclose it to me  I have the Pleasure to be your sincere Friend

Jno. Oakman
Direct No 45 Cabel Street


Mr John Oakman died at Armagh.

Belfast Newsletter 5 April 1785

Belfast Newsletter 5 April 1785


Freeholder records dated 6 April 1819, for the Barony of O’Neiland-East, list William Oakman of Annaghmore leasing houses from Nicholas A Cope, Esq. Names of Lives or other Tenure : Duke & Duchess of York.

More Oakmans in County Armagh

John Oakman - Ballycrummy, Co Armagh

John Oakman was married to Jane (surname unknown) sometime before 1802. They had the following children: Henry Oakman, born Ballycrummy, Co Armagh and baptised 12 May 1802, Armagh Church of Ireland Mary Oakman, born Ballycrummy, Co Armagh and baptised 16 September 1802, Armagh Church of Ireland.  Mary married William Marshall…

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Robert & Thomas Oakman - 1714

The earliest Oakmans found to date have been Robert Oakman and Thomas Oakman who are found in the 1714 Armagh Rent Rolls (PRONI T/729/3/124) leasing land in Knockineagh (now spelt Knockaneagh), County Armagh.

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John Oakman - 1760s

In the 1760’s there was a John Oakman of Armagh City who, according to “A History of Women in Ireland, 1500-1800″ by Mary O’Dowd, owned shop in that city where he sold “hardware, millinery items as well as wine and food”.

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Agape / Agafey Oakman

Agape Oakman married William Sprowl (or Sproule) in 1804. Sproule and Oakman were woollen drapers/merchants in Armagh in the mid to late 1700s. Agape was somehow related to John Oakman, Merchant of Armagh City. William and Agape had a son named Robert A Sproull, a Minister, who emigrated to America. …

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Anne Oakman (abt 1815 - ?)

In November 1815, Anne Oakman, daughter of Robert Oakman and Anne (nee unknown), was baptised in the Armagh Church of Ireland.

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Susan Oakman (abt 1835 - ? )

Susan Oakman was the daughter of George Oakman, Farmer, and was born about 1835 in Co. Armagh. In 1853, 18 year old Susan married Irvine Wilson.

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Robert Oakman, MD (? - abt 1858)

Robert Oakman, Surgeon of Charlemont, Co Armagh, died about 1848. His Will no longer exists but was proven in 1848 (source: PRONI Pre 1858 Wills and Admons, Armagh Diocesan Administration Bonds) The Tithe Applotment Books list “Dr OAK” in Charlemont, Loughgall, County Armagh Robert may have been married to Margaret…

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John Oakman (abt 1818 - ?)

In January 1818 John Oakman, son of Robert Oakman and Elizabeth (nee unknown) was baptised in Eglish Parish, Co Armagh.

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William Oakman (bef 1825 - aft 1855)

William Oakman (born bef 1825), farmer, and his wife, Anna Fletcher, lived in Ardress, Co Armagh. They were married sometime before 1837. Children of William and Anna – Thomas Oakman, born abt 1842 – emigrated to Queensland, Australia in 1864 and married Eliza Winn in Brisbane on 21 Nov 1870.…

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Thomas Oakman (abt 1699 - 1804)

Thomas Oakman, born abt 1699, died at the age of 105 in 1804. He is buried in the graveyard of Loughgall Presbyterian Church, Cloven Eden, Co Armagh. From this headstone we know Thomas had at least one son – William Oakman – who was born abt 1761. William died in…

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Anne Jane Oakman (abt 1834 - 1917)

Anne Jane Oakman was born abt 1834. She married James Mills at Loughgall Parish Church on 27 Jan 1854. Their marriage record states her father was Walter Oakman, a farmer. Witnesses were Mary Oakman and James Orr. Anne and James had at least two children – twin sons Francis and…

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William Oakman (bef 1855 - aft 1911)

William was the son of Walter Oakman, Farmer (of County Armagh). William was living at Derrycoran, Annaghmore Townland, in Co Tyrone, when he married Mary Stevenson, daughter of Sergt Major William Stevenson, at Drumglass Church of Ireland on 11 Sept 1885. William and Mary settled in Loughgall Parish, Co Armagh…

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George Oakman (abt 1728 - ?)

George Oakman, son of Henry Oakman, was baptised in 1728 in the Parish of Armagh. Parish records give no further information other than George was baptised in a Presbyterian church.

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George Oakman (abt 1758 - aft 1795)

George Oakman, born circa 1758, served with the 38th Foot Regiment and the Royal Irish Invalids – he was discharged in 1795 at the age of 37.

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John Oakman (abt 1798 - 1876)

John Oakman, was born in County Armagh circa January 1798 and enlisted with the British Army’s “Sappers & Miners” in 1816.  In 1819, he was transferred to the 45th Regiment of Foot and served as a convict guard in Australia (Sydney, Port Dalrymple and Port Macquarie) from 1820 to 1824.…

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Mary Jane Oakman (bef 1845 - 1930)

Mary Jane Oakman was the daughter of John Oakman and Sarah Montgomery. She married John Cherry in 1863 at the Loughgall Church of Ireland, County Armagh. Mary Jane’s marriage certificates gives her father’s occupation as Gate Keeper. Mary Jane and John had at least three children: Sarah Cherry – born…

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